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I'm gauging interest in the sale of my Pacific Sun Diuna T5 8x54w cost £619 plus postage (£425)unit and still got 2 years manufacturers warranty and original packaging and hanging kit (although I have a 3ft aquatics hanging bracket would be perfect if you don't want to drill the ceiling (£65). It will come with a full set of new T5's installed last week costing £110 (£75 the lot including Geissmann, ATI, KZ and Pacific Sun). And with 2 Euroquatics E5 Blue Pop T5 tubes retrofits costing £110 (£75 for both) 2-3 months ago with an 8 year lifespan and makes colours pop right out . Also I will be adding in 7 partial used T5 tubes by ATI and Pacific Sun (£30 the lot). The colour combinations are endless. All in I'll be asking £600. This will be at least 18 months of fantastic T5 and led lighting and will be adequate for all coral types.

Pacific Sun - Diuna T5 8x39W T5 £619.00

Pacific Sun - Diuna T5 8x39W T5

Pacific Sun’s answer to T5 Reef Lighting, the Diuna offers build quality, features and control that the competition can’t match.

Thanks to cooled electronic ballasts and high-quality reflectors (anodized aluminum) offers unprecedented power and performance.

T5 tubes included in lamp price.

Available models:

- the warranty of the highest efficiency - actively cooled ballasts

- 8(10) x 39W , 8(10) x 54W, 8(10) x 80W

- control of each pair of fluorescent tube separately

- built-in Wireless Controller (Bluetooth)

- high quality anodized(silver coated) aluminum reflectors

- integrated moonlight

- fan-cooled electronic ballast

- Wireless control via PC/Mac

- software allows for control of each pair of T5s

- ”Lamp Life Indicator” for efficient bulb replacement

Your T5 will never be a T5 again!

Euroquatics wanted to go back to the drawing board and change the way people think about T5HO lighting! They wanted to take some of the exciting new technologies they have been exploring, and pack it all into a form factor that everyone knows and trusts. The goal was to create a T5 style product that was superior to the old T5HO lamps in every way, and that’s how the E5 was born!

Why E5?

Euroquatics E5 Retro Series lamps are the perfect solution for people wanting the power savings, long-life and overall quality of LED, but already have a T5HO fixture.

What Makes E5 Lamps so great

Up to 8 year lamp life!

Simple retro-fit for T5 (2`, 3` 4` 5` options)!

Outstanding 3-year manufacturer`s warranty!

Amazing spectral maintenance!

Approximately 45% average power saving over T5HO!

Same output as T5HO lamps!

200% recyclable!

No hazardous materials like the mercury in T5!

Proprietary phosphor mix, giving superior spectral performance!

Tropical and Marine color options!

Options (Sizes and Colors)

E5 Retro Series lamps come in all the sizes and colors you’re used to seeing with T5HO lamps, making them the perfect drop in replacement when you’re looking to upgrade to power-saving LED without changing out your entire lighting system or the look of your tank that you’ve worked so hard to create!

Euroquatics is also excited about their latest addition to the E5 line, the Blue Pop lamp. Swap this lamp into your T5HO fixture and get coral pop like you just can’t get with T5HO! This tube is built around the very popular 450-460 nm wavelengths that make your coral come alive!


Euroquatics E5 lamps come in the standard sizes from 2` to 5` beautiful colors for marine and tropical aquariums, making them a perfect replacement for old T5HO lamps! Replace them one at a time as you do routine build changes, or all at once to really make an impact on your power bill!

Cost of Ownership

So looking at the 8 year cost of ownership, a T5HO lamp will cost you double (or more) of an E5 lamp! And that’s not even counting the time, and hassle of purchasing, changing and trying to recycle your old T5 lamps!

Euroquatics E5 lamp will save you time AND money! And that’s something we all can feel good about!

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